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Get Email and Data On The Go

Stay up-to-date and connected whether you are on a sales call down the street or a business trip (or vacation) halfway around the world. Edit and review documents and maintain real-time connectivity to your e-mail and calendar on your PC, phone or browser so you can stay on top of your business and respond to your customers within minutes, not hours. Fitzpatrick Business Systems offers Microsoft collaboration solutions that can help your organisation get more done by providing a safe and secure platform, free of threats, for sharing information and working together in teams and communities. These solutions are designed to give your users the tools to more easily harness the collective intelligence of the organisation.


Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server is the industry leader in e-mail messaging, calendaring, contact management, and software-powered voice mail. It gives you higher reliability and performance while it helps protect your communications and delights your users with greater business mobility. Available on-premise and as a hosted service.


Office Communicator

Microsoft's instant messaging tool - and much more. Office Communicator provides an immediate, visual representation of a person's availability with the presence indicator. Before contacting a person, you can see whether the person is available, busy, on a mobile device, on a desk phone or away from his or her desk. This saves time and improves the chances of finding the right person quickly. Start an instant messaging conversation with a colleague, invite more people to the conversation as the topic grows, switch to voice for clarification, and add video conferencing with simple one-click. Available on-premise and as a hosted service.


Microsoft Live Meeting

Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 is an online meeting space that your organisation subscribes to or that your organisation hosts internally. You can meet with your colleagues online, which allows you to collaborate in real time, even over long distances. Office Live Meeting offers deeper connections across and between organisations with online meetings, events, and training. You can connect with customers, partners, and employees to discuss and collaborate. Your company can use Office Live Meeting to train employees and to inform customer and partner prospects about new products. You can use Office Live Meeting to record webinars for those who were not able to attend. Available on-premise and as a hosted service.


Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint provides businesses with a single, integrated location where employees can efficiently collaborate with others, share knowledge and find organisational resources and information - in one place. Used by organisations small and large throughout the world, SharePoint helps you reduce costs by consolidating intranet, extranet and even Internet sites on a single platform. Available on-premise and as a hosted service.

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