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Pegasus XRL is our award-winning Business Intelligence tool which seamlessly links your financial information with Microsoft Excel in a couple of simple steps. From now on there’ll be no more re-keying, no more copy-and-pasting and no more data falling through the cracks. It’ll just be fast, accurate and secure reporting and analysis.



Accessing Accounts Data Within Microsoft Excel

Pegasus XRL provides powerful and adaptable access to the financial and distribution modules within Opera 3. With its flexibility, ease of use and advanced drilldown capabilities, Pegasus XRL delivers fast and accurate information to provide enhanced analytical power.

Pegasus XRL report building


Ease Of Use

Pegasus XRL really is easy to use. The XRL Wizard will help you import data into Excel. Simply select the Company for which you want to get data, identify the area of the system you are interested in and then choose the fields you want to import. Plus, it's all written in plain English so you don't have to work with technical jargon. Getting your company's data into Excel will now take seconds!


Accuracy & Security

The first step to using Pegasus XRL is to log on to the software. This is important as it allows the system to check your user rights and thus ensure sensitive data is only accessible to the relevant personnel. Once this has been done, you can use Pegasus XRL to display financial data in no time at all. What's more, it's accurate too. Pegasus XRL data is extracted straight out of Opera 3, therefore eliminating the input errors common in manual spreadsheet use.


Reporting Power

Now that you don't have to fiddle about entering information into a spreadsheet, you can spend more time producing valuable and detailed analysis using Pegasus XRL’s powerful reporting tools. With Pegasus XRL, you can create a link between the data and a specific field in a spreadsheet so that you can design Management Reports (P&L, Balance Sheet etc) in Excel and link the data fields 'live' into the latest financial information. This means that producing Management Reports now takes hours rather than days. Further reporting power is provided by multi-dimensional analysis tools such as Cube Analysis and Pivot Tables.


Pegasus XRL drilldown



Drill Down To Individual Transactions

Not only can you export data into Excel, you can also interrogate those fields and drill down to the transactions behind them. For example, a Turnover Value for a customer can be expanded by invoice number and then expanded again so that you can see the stock items which make up that invoice. The real power of this becomes obvious the moment you’re asked to explain a value on a spreadsheet; using drilldown to investigate the transactions behind the field, you’ll have an immediate answer without having to refer back to the accounts system.



The Data Send facility in Pegasus XRL is easy to use and allows you to take information which has been prepared in Excel and load it directly into Opera 3. Information such as Nominal Budgets, Price Lists and Stock Adjustments can all be entered into Opera 3 with a minimum of effort. Not only does this feature save a great deal of time, it also eliminates the need to undertake mundane repetition of manual input and therefore proves most popular!


Data Cubes

Data Cubes provide multi-dimensional views of data for use in business analysis. An example of this would be where insight is needed into sales of stock items by region, sales representative, type and so on, and in any combination – this would be the sort of information that exists within the finance system, but would not be so readily available and with this degree of manipulation.

The key to Data Cubes is that information can be manipulated in many ways for a quick and effective view of trading conditions. Furthermore, the data in one of these virtual cubes can be:

  • Sliced (eg breakdown company turnover by customer)
  • Diced (see which products those customers buy)
  • Drilled (see details of every invoice for that customer and product)
  • Charted (instant chart will provide a concise and clear visual representation of selected data – ideal for spotting problems and errors)
  • Distributed (Cube Analysis results can be saved as an Excel Spreadsheet or PDF and quickly dispatched to people)

The Cube Analysis feature within Pegasus XRL provides an efficient and easy way of working with Data Cubes so that data analysis can be undertaken rapidly and with the minimum of fuss. The result is that many finance departments can conduct interesting and thorough investigation into performance data, spotting trends, problems and opportunities and therefore providing a value added service for the organisation.

Excel users who already have experience with Pivot Tables will particularly enjoy working with Cube Analysis. Indeed they may well find it even easier to select and import data into a Pivot Table when using Pegasus XRL.


With Pegasus XRL, extracting data from Opera 3 is astonishingly easy. You simply select what you need from the drop-down menus and click. Everything you’ve selected is immediately imported into an Excel spreadsheet for you. And if you change your mind about the data you’ve selected or want to look at things differently, a few more clicks is all it takes.

Pegasus XRL management reports



Save Time

Pegasus XRL is an award winning and cost effective tool for customers operating Pegasus accounting software. These benefits include:

  • Significant time savings over manual entry
  • Accurate data transfers ensuring accurate results
  • Powerful analytical tools for better and quicker results
  • The dynamic link between Opera 3 and Excel can provide instant management information for timely decision-making
  • Powerful reporting tools to present data in easy-to-understand graphical form
  • Use Pegasus XRL’s powerful reporting tools to analyse your data and spot looming issues and opportunities, in order to make the most of your company information
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