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In the current economic climate, companies are constantly looking to outsource non-core activities. FBS has the necessary expertise and qualified staff to provide a range of outsourced IT Services. We provide specially tailored packages to suit all company types and sizes.

We can provide a range of solutions from complete helpdesk solutions to trained individuals who work side by side with your existing team on variable length contracts and special projects. IT Outsourcing allows companies the luxury of having highly qualified IT personnel available without having to worry about the recruitment and continuing costs of employing such personnel. There are many reasons given for having internal IT provision instead of completely outsourcing your IT support. There are also times when your internal provision will need assistance:

  • Holiday cover: What happens if your server fails when your IT Manager is out of the country and not contactable?
  • Backup: No matter how highly skilled your IT Manager is, there are times when they would like the advice of a third party.
  • Task management: IT Managers face numerous challenges in their job; if they are focusing on one aspect of the business, they may need help with other areas. Justifying further recruitment is often difficult but Fitzpatrick Business Systems would be delighted to assist wherever necessary.
  • Project implementation: Why make a project that could be completed in a few days last weeks simply because of lack of resource? Fitzpatrick Business Systems skilled IT engineers simplify matters, enable rapid project implementation and brings the benefits of the project to users much faster.

For smaller companies our outsourcing and support options allow you to concentrate on your core activities while we take on the management of your IT systems. For larger companies with your own IT departments, we are available for specific projects where you have a gap in your resources.

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