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Fed up worrying about backup of your critical data if a catastrophe occurs?

FBS provides a number of different backup solutions that are designed to provide onsite as well as offsite redundancy to keep your data protected. Now we have added managed backup and business continuity as part of our services.

The real benefits of why you should consider switching over to Managed Backup are threefold: You receive piece of mind knowing that all your data is safe and secure. When a disaster strikes, FBS can recover the data onsite or even have it running online at our data centre.

You can say goodbye to tape and even USB hard-drive-based backup. Complete Automation, flexibility, immediate response, reliability and cost effectiveness are the building blocks of the FBS Managed Backup Service. Instead of the normal file-based backup methods, FBS creates an image of the entire system state, including operating system, user settings, applications and data. Since the backup process does not need to operate on downtime, applications and servers are always there for you.

Our Managed Backup Service has been designed with you in mind. We use a local disk-based backup from a NAS at your office and then provide optional off-site replication to our datacenter.

Why do we do this? Disk Backup/Restores are much faster than tape. Hourly incremental backups allow for less loss of data than restoring a nightly backup. Off-site replication is quick and easy as everything is automated for transfer to our data center. We will physically retrieve your data the same day and return it via USB hard drive if local backup is unavailable


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